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Pink Diamonds

Pink Diamonds

Pink is Perfect

Pink diamonds are truly one of the world's best kept secrets. In a range of stunning hues and intensities, from a very intense purplish pink to a blush pink champagne, these diamonds are so rare most people will never see one.

The diamonds are mined in the far north of Western Australia, at the Argyle Diamond Mine, where the world's only intense pink diamonds are found.

To put the true rarity of the gems into perspective, of every million tonnes of rough diamonds produced at the mine, a mere one carat is suitable for the exclusive Argyle Diamond tender. These diamonds are of superior quality and are sought by jewellers the world over.

Kimberley Fine Diamonds is Australia's leading supplier of pink diamonds and is proud to also have acquired several pink diamonds from tender.

The pink diamonds are handcrafted into stunning fine jewellery pieces, the full collection of which is on display in our Kimberley showroom.

Kimberley Fine Diamonds has one of the finest collections of loose pink diamonds in Australia which can also be handcrafted into individually designed pieces to ensure your rare diamond purchase is displayed in a wholly unique fashion.

For all pink diamonds weighing 50 points or more a gem identification certificate is available upon request.

There is also a stunning array of Argyle pink champagne diamonds available.

The Colour of Passion

Pink diamonds are graded according to the intensity of colour in each individual stone. Argyle Diamonds uses a scale from 1 to 8 one being the most intense colour and eight the lightest colour.

The 1 to 8 grading is then given an additional grade according to each individual diamond hue.

Pink Diamonds Hue in order of rarity

  • PP: Purplish Pink
  • P : Pink
  • PR: Pink Rose
  • PC: Pink Champagne

Intensity of Pink Diamonds

  • Very intense
  • Intense
  • Strong
  • Medium
  • Medium Light
  • Light
  • Very Light
  • Blush

We at Kimberley Fine Diamonds can help you to find a colour to match your Secret Passion. We have one of the finest collection of loose Pink Argyle diamonds in Australia and are therefore able to source particular requests.

For all pink diamonds weighing 50 points or more a gem identification certificate is available upon request.

Argyle Pink Champagne Diamonds

Argyle Pink Champagne Diamonds are a beautiful mixture of elegant champagne with whimsical pinks. Pink champagne diamonds are graded and valued according to the intensity of champagne hue.

  • PC1- Pink and light champagne (C1 and C2)
  • PC2- Pink and medium champagne (C3 and C4)
  • PC3- Pink and dark champagne (C5, C6 and C7)

Pink Diamond Tender

The most exciting time of the year in the jewellery industry is the exclusive Argyle Pink Diamond Tender.

An invitation only event, Argyle Diamonds selects quality jewellers from across the world to view their very best pink diamonds. The tender diamond collection of just 50-60 diamonds, all over half a carat in weight each, travel to exclusive jewellers in Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, London and Geneva. These jewellers are invited to make a written offer on the diamonds and then eagerly wait to hear if it has been accepted. Kimberley Fine Diamonds has on six occasions been successful in acquiring these precious pink tender diamonds - making their collection of Argyle pink tender diamonds the largest in the country.


Celebrities and Pink Diamonds

It was when US singer Jennifer Lopez whipped out a whopping 6 carat pink diamond engagement ring that the modern celebrity world stood up and took notice of the stunning gems. As celebrities learned of the rarity of the diamonds they quickly became one of the hottest accessories on demand.

UK celebrity royalty Posh and Becks, model Helena Christiansen, Cilla Black and US actress Salma Hayek have all been spotted wearing pink diamonds to A-list events. Never to be outdone, US popstar Britney Spears has dazzled audiences with pink diamond bellychains and has several pink diamond necklaces in her multi-million dollar collection of jewellery.

The stunning Miss World Australia 2006, Sabrina Houssami, has been showcasing pink diamonds to the world through her sponsorship with Kimberley Fine Diamonds.

In fiction one of the most famous pink diamonds is the Pink Panther, brought to fame in the movies of the same name. More recently singer and actress Beyonce Knowles was adorned with a pink diamond necklace in the modern version of the film.

Famous pink diamonds in history

Diamonds have long been worn by royalty but it is pink diamonds that are at the centre of some of the most famous pieces.

The largest pink diamond in the world is the Darya-i-Nur or Sea of Light at 175 carats. The discovery of the light pink diamond dates back to 1642 and was part of the crown jewels of India until 1739 when is was taken by the invading Persian army and carried to Iran where it remains today.

The Pink Conde Diamond or Le Grand Conde is a 9 carat pear shaped diamond given to Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Conde in 1643 by King Louis 13th of France in recognition of war service, which he placed as the centerpiece of his bejeweled walking stick. It was later placed in the French Crown.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II received a 23 carat pink diamond as a wedding present. She had the diamond placed at the centre of a diamond encrusted brooch.

The largest vivid pink diamond, as graded by the Gemological Institute of America is the Steinmetz Pink at 59.6 carats, unveiled in Monaco in May, 2003.

Pink diamonds are so rare most people will never see one. In Australia, the most superior of the pink diamonds are offered for exclusive auction at the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender each year. These special diamonds are literally one in a million and Kimberley Fine Diamonds is proud to have several in their collection.

The 9ct Pink Conde Diamond or Le Grand Conde.

The 175ct Sea of Light or Darya-i-Nur is the largest pink diamond in the world.