Kimberley Fine Diamonds

The art and craft of the Jewellery Designer


After a diamond has been cut and polished, it passes to our jewellery manufacture and our staff of skilled designers and craftsmen, who create the settings that will show off the diamonds to their maximum effect. They may use precious metals such as gold and platinum which contrast particularly well with the icy brilliance of nature's most precious gem.

The range of diamond jewellery designs is so vast that it would be unusual if Kimberley Fine Diamonds could not show you a piece that complemented your taste and lifestyle.

Today you can choose from the intricate and exciting that provide a mass of fiery brilliance in a host of smaller stones, to the more simple pieces in which one or two stones are the centre of attention.

Whatever you choose, modern designs highlight and focus on the almost magical fire and entrancing beauty of the diamonds themselves. A more recent innovation, that has excited and inspired the designers' creativity, is diamonds for men. As a result, more and more men are discovering just how well diamonds enhance and suit both formal and informal dress.

Kimberley Fine Diamonds is renowned for its creative designs.

Kimberley Fine Diamonds is renowned for its creative designs.